At a glance: details about brand new cap

A female may pregnant in the event the good mans cum is at you to of the lady eggs (ova). Birth-control tries to stop that it going on by continuing to keep brand new egg and you will jizz apart or of the ending egg design. One technique regarding contraception ‘s the cap.

The fresh contraceptive cover was a circular dome made of thin, flaccid silicone. It’s registered towards the pussy ahead of intercourse, and covers brand new cervix to ensure that cum don’t go into the womb. You need spermicide inside (spermicide kills sperm). Spermicide appear because serum, creams, foams and you may pessaries.

The brand new limit have to be leftover in place to possess six days after gender. After that time, you’re taking from cap and you will tidy it. Limits are reusable. Certain labels come in sizes. They are tailored in order to pick the best you to having oneself.

There have been two sorts of cap offered just now, Femcap and you will Caya. Femcap comes in step three products. The size and style make use of hinges on if you’ve been pregnant before. Caya is available in that dimensions. Femcap and you may Caya are manufactured in order to complement her or him your self.

Indeed there commonly of numerous high-quality degree away from hats. It’s essentially thought that when put precisely with spermicide, brand new limit is actually 92 to 96% with the capacity of stopping pregnancy. This means that ranging from cuatro and 8 lady from every one hundred who use a cover since the birth-control will end up pregnant for the a year.

In the real life fool around with about several feamales in a hundred an excellent season conceive because individuals forget to use the fresh cap or never place it during the safely (88% effective).

You should use alot more spermicide in the event the cap has been around spot for step three days or even more just before sex, or if perhaps intercourse is regular towards the limit in place.

When you have a baby, miscarriage otherwise abortion, you might have to end up being suitable with a brand new size of cover.

The cover works

A limit, eg an effective diaphragm, is actually a barrier type contraceptive. It matches in your vagina and you will suppresses cum of passing dine app Inloggen because of the brand new entrances of your womb (the fresh new cervix).

About 80% of women see a cap that fits them. You should buy a limit at some GP practices, sexual fitness clinics, and some young man’s functions.

To be effective in the stopping pregnancy, the limit needs to be used with spermicide, that’s a substance one eliminates spunk.

You just have fun with a cap when you yourself have gender. You must let it rest set for about six circumstances shortly after the past time you may have sex. You could let it rest set for doing 2 days.

Keeping a contraceptive limit

  1. Having clean give, fill 1/3rd of the cover having spermicide, but never lay one spermicide within the rim, that stop the latest cover remaining in put.
  2. Femcap features an excellent groove between your dome and rim – specific spermicide should be place truth be told there.
  3. Squeeze brand new corners of your own cap along with her and you may wait anywhere between their flash and you will first two hands.
  4. Slide this new cover into your genitals, upwards.
  5. The fresh new cover must complement nicely over the cervix – it lives in put by the suction.
  6. Some lady squat because they set the cap in the, although some lay out or stand with one-foot up on a chair – utilize the position that is trusted for you.
  7. You can enter a cap as much as step three times before you can have sex – after this time, you’ll need to take it out and set even more spermicide involved.

Should you get a cover, habit using it before you could trust it getting birth-control. This gives the possibility to know how to utilize it properly, find out how it seems and watch when it is suitable for your. Up until you’re confident you will be utilising the cap precisely, you might need to use a lot more birth-control, for example condoms, for those who have sex.

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