One of the best ways to stay safe in Craigslist is always to be sure you meet within a public, heavily trafficked area. Never ask a new person to your home or perhaps take them to a place in which they may not be monitored. If possible, try to meet in a busy parking lot. If you have a lot of money or are investing in expensive items, consider meeting within a bank or possibly a public place where the other person cannot notice you.

Whenever you are selling or buying anything in Craigslist, it is best to use wintry cash. For anyone who is unsure regarding paying with money, you can exchange your money at the local police force station or perhaps Diamond Area Federal Credit rating Union. For anyone who is not comfortable with handing above cash, you can buy a counterfeit detector pencil at office supply shops. They cost about $5 and will save you a substantial amount of money. Also, it is best to prevent providing personal information, such as credit-based card numbers, email-based addresses, and telephone quantities, to other people.

While on Craigslist, make sure you use an anonymous This Site email consideration. Since you are dealing with strangers, you should stay away from your true name otherwise you email address. Rather, use a pseudonymous email accounts. Don’t use your property address or perhaps your email; only your first identity and contact number are used. In this manner, you can exchange your information with no other party having the ability to trace the identity.

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